Monday, April 28, 2014

Sew Fab Bundle!!!

Coming soon, for one week only, nineteen pattern designers will be joining together to combine their best PDF sewing patterns and selling them to you for the incredible price of $29.95!  That’s over 80% off of the combined retail value!

The Sew Fab Pattern Sale Spring 2014

The Sew Fab Pattern Sale is the original pattern bundle sale!  Grab the bundle when it goes on sale next week and you’ll be all set for the spring and summer seasons!  You have to wait until next week to see which patterns are included in this spring’s bundle, but take a look below to see which designers you'll find!  I think you will be as excited as I am to see some previous favorites as well as several amazing designers that are new to the Sew Fab Sale.

Greenstyle Creations, Handmade Therapy, MODKID, Everything Your Mama Made, The Scientific Seamstress, Figgy's Patterns, Two Sweets Patterns, Things for Boys, Patchwork Posse, Betz White, LBG Studio, Mouse House Creations, Gingercake, Heidi & Finn, Sumo's Sweet Stuff, Terra's Treasures, Paisley Roots, Molly Blossom Designs, Sewing Mama RaeAnna.  Sale sponsored by The Southern Institute.

See you right here, bright and early on Monday morning!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Streamline Tee Pattern Remix

So my little girl needs some shirts for spring and summer. So I created this adorable top with the streamline tee pattern. First I took the front pattern piece and extended the shoulder area. I measured 3 inches down from the armpit and then 3 inches over at a 45 degree angle. Then I drew a new line from the neck to the new armpit line.

Next I took the sleeve piece and measured 1 ½ inches down from the armpit. Then I drew a line that curved up towards the neck. 

Now I just cut out all my pattern pieces from the fabric. If you decide to do something fun with the front of the shirt like freezer paper stenciling, here is a good spot to do that. It gives you a chance to add something unique to the shirt. Anyways, now go ahead and sew a straight line along the shoulder seams of the front shirt piece with a long straight stitch. Pull one thread and gather the shoulders. 

Take the sleeve pieces and match the gathers to fit. Make sure not to stretch out the sleeve pieces when measuring. Now go ahead and sew up the rest of the shirt according to the directions. All except hemming the sleeves. I used a smaller ½ inch hem for those. 

And now you have a great Spring/Summer shirt for your girl! I made mine to go with her new Long Beach Board shorts I made her. Now if only the weather would cooperate!