Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Tulip Pinafore

The Tulip Pinafore!

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I had the pleasure of sewing the Tulip Pinafore by Too Sweets Patterns. This was such an easy sew!

I love the simplicity of this top, I was able to "dress" it up any way I liked. So I chose to add two little pockets to the front, a cute little bow, and little red casings to gather the shoulders.

The "casings" are a square about 4" x 4", I hemmed two opposing sides and wrapped it around the shoulder area wrong sides out. Then I sewed it together lengthwise, not catching the shirt fabric, and then turned it right sides out. And then did the same to the other shoulder. It's a very simple alteration with a fun little color punch.

The back is really fun with it's slight overlapping closure which allows for some modesty, but still very airy and great for summer. Although this would be adorable over a tshirt for colder weather.

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I will definitely be making more of this one!