Monday, November 4, 2013

Mainstreet Sew Along day 1

Mainstreet Tee/Dress Sew Along
Day 1

If you haven't purchased the pattern yet, go ahead and get it here :) Also, make sure to join the group so you can ask questions or show off pictures.

So lets get started! Go ahead and print off the pattern pieces and tape them together. I'm sewing the shirt version with the long sleeves. 

Cut out your selected size and then lay your pieces out over your fabric and cut. Also cut your ruffle pieces according to the measurement chart. 

I'm using ribbon for my ruffles, so I've actually cut an extra piece to sew the lower ruffle to so that it'll longer than the top piece. I've also cut my binding pieces for the neck longer because the fabric I'm using doesn't have a great deal of stretch. And that's it! Tomorrow we'll prep our ruffle pieces and binding pieces. 

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