Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Mainstreet Sew Along day 2

Mainstreet Tee/Dress Sew Along
Day 2

Today we're going to be prepping the ruffles and binding. So go ahead and turn on your iron and grab those binding strips. First you will fold the binding in half lengthwise and iron flat. Right sides out.

Then open the binding up and fold the lower portion up to meet the fold. I don't place it directly on top of the fold, I place it about 1/8" from the fold. And iron flat. Don't iron over the previous fold. 

So now you should have this. Go ahead and do that to all your binding strips. 

Next we're going to prepare our ruffles. This will be a little out of sequence with the pattern, but it will all work :). If you are making the dress version, take your bottom ruffle strips and sew the sides together. Finish the edges. 

Now hem all of your ruffle strips. This is for the shirt as well as the dress. I'm using ribbon, so I actually don't need to hem my ruffle strips. There is two hem options, choose which one works for you. 

Next we'll gather the ruffles. So set your machine to the longest stitch and sew a straight line along the top of the ruffle. Grab one thread and gather the pieces. There is no preset measurement that they need to be at, at this point. When you attach them you will gather to fit. This is just to get them ready, there will still be some adjusting later. 

For my second ruffle I added a piece of knit to it so that it will be longer than the top ruffle. I've probably added a little too much, but I'll figure that out later when I go to attach it. And that's it for today! Tomorrow we'll sew the neckline!

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