Saturday, November 9, 2013

Mainstreet Sew Along last day

Mainstreet Sew Along
Last Day!

It's the last day of the sew along! Are you excited to finally get your shirt or dress done? Ok, so last time I forgot about hemming the long sleeves. With such a small opening, its easier to hem before you stitch up the side. 

Then place the front and back bodice right sides together matching up at the armpit and stitch in place. 

If you're sewing the short sleeve version, make sure to have the seam allowance facing away from the shirt. 

Then fold the binding over the seam allowance, tucking it into the fold. I like to pin it in place and sew from the right side of the shirt. 

 For the long sleeves, fold the seam allowance to one side and from the right side of the fabric, stitch in place. This keeps the seam allowance from poking out and is a great way to hide the tail if you've used a serger to finish the seams. 

Now for the shirt option, fold the bottom of the shirt up and hem. And you're done! 

For the dress option, take those two ruffle pieces that you sewed and gathered on day two and place them on top of each other, right sides up. Then place them right sides together with the bottom of the dress. Stitch in place. 

Then iron the seam allowance to face the inside of the dress and top stitch in place. 

And you're done! Woo! Till next time :)

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